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Now's the right time to ask. You've been in the mood for industry quite a bit these last few months. It will be so good for you to keep going and to pursuing opportunities that help you reach your long-term professional goals.

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Every star in the sky is shining brightly as you seek out what matters most to you. Now you must question what exactly that is. Is it love? Financial success?

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You can have everything you want but you must be certain of your priorities first. Keep pushing and plugging away.

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Use your strengths wisely and the world will give you great things. Remember how strong you are when you take care of yourself first, and then others. This has had to do with a new person entering your life. It could be a lover, it could be an unexpected friend. But even all your personal changes are leading up to you meeting them.

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And they will enhance these changes. Focus on your interiority this month. Libras perform the exterior so well.

July Horoscopes: Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Forecast the Rest of Your Summer

Give yourself more space to feel this month. Give yourself the luxury of not texting back. Although you're someone who can face great change—you have an enormous reserve of strength—you may not be ready for what's in store. You should rethink your professional goals and how best to get there. Perhaps you need to pursue other professional options in order to achieve what truly moves you.

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A project that has been lingering the past few months will come to fruition. Is it all just a dream? Not a chance. You are the catalyst, and also what keeps it all going.

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You might even have felt happier this time last year, with less things going on. You know the ones. Think of that light. Would you rather have that or the momentary pleasures of the moment?

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You know you want that light. Sometimes people think of you as conservative, but that's just an oversimplification of who you really are. You're extremely wide-reaching in your ability to see all facets of a situation, problem, or idea—all opposites of a conservative perspective.

Perhaps what they mean is that you can be reserved in your judgments and reticent in your approach to everyday concerns. Who knows the real you? Do you know yourself? This month will give you some trials in order to find out. You will be surprised at what emerges on the other side of them. You will find something meaningful in the color green. Everything you touch this month will work in your favor. This is a golden time for you.

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  • You'll notice that you even feel more comfortable letting people see your vulnerability, which you guard so fiercely. Get to work. You are such a romantic, and July will give you plenty of opportunities to show this side of you. Maybe you'll find a new love interest, or maybe your deep devotion to your current partner will give you an abundance of date nights. Go on some trips! The new sights will cause your heart to flourish and dream of new career avenues.

    Bring the energy you have for the people close to you into your workplace.